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Darts Practice

2.22 usd

This is a darts counter application similar in functionalities to the well-known n01 program. Helps you practice your darts skills. Also useful for beginners to learn the basics of this game but main goal is the training.There are very useful shortcuts to input your throws so it EASY AND QUICK TO HANDLE. - Count the score when you play "501 double out" against another player.
- Keeps score when you practice alone against the computer which is a virtual player with 12 difficulty level (based on avarage score).
- shortcuts for the frequent shots (26, 41, 45, 60, 81, 85, 100)- opportunity to play sets (best of 5 or best of 3) or legs only- shortcut to check out and undo- shortcut to advice the remaining score- displays the actual score in screensize after 4 seconds so you can see the score away from your device too
NEW NEW NEW!!! - SPEECH RECOGNIZER (tell the value of your last throw and youll get the score)
- statistics ( best leg, high out, leg avarage, darts avarage etc.) - opportunity to slide through the statistics- SAVE the actual statistics - opportunity to slide through the archive